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The Liberal Arts of Life
The objective is for each participant to acquire an independent and creative multidisciplinary “way of looking at things,” whether it be in the arts or sciences, by covering the various forms of knowledge related to “living” and “life.”
Academic Skills (Acaski)
At this university, you will be required to “think, examine, and debate independently.” With the aim that you will be able to experience what it means to “think, investigate and debate independently,” the purpose of this class is for you to become aware of issues and identify specific problems, and thus acquire the resolution skills needed for various academic and intellectual work.
Learning Through Affective Experience and Active Participation

This is a course in which intellect and physical sensations are mutually refined and combined through a participatory and experiential class, incorporating both the language communication abilities critical for university classes and the non-verbal communication abilities needed for society’s leaders.
Learning through Affective Experience and Active Participation: Historical Performance Practice of Music

The purpose of this course is to vicariously experience various lives expressed in history and culture through music, and theoretically gaze into human life hidden in art from diverse perspectives, including culture, history and ideology. You will comprehensively learn history, culture, and language skills by experiencing actual musical performances.
Learning through Affective Experience and Active Participation: from Language to Films

This is a new class format designed to deepen the possibilities of various language capabilities through the creation of film. You will be challenged in various forms of expression ? verbally, physically, visually, etc. ? by analyzing movies and novels, writing screenplays, and participating in video production workshops.
Shonai Seminars
In 2008, the “Tsuruoka Seminar” was held in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, using the Keio Tsuruoka Town Campus as its seminar base. Since 2009, the event has been renamed the “Shonai Seminar”.
Are you dissatisfied with simply going to and from home and campus? Why not join us in exploring the unknown historical sites and rich natural environments of Hiyoshi?
“Learning Commons Project”
Since 2008, the Research Center for Liberal Arts has been involved in a project to “establish a learning environment for students” in conjunction with the Hiyoshi Media Center. The abbreviated title for this is the “Learning Commons Project.”

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