“Learning Commons Project”

Since 2008, the Research Center for Liberal Arts has been involved in a project to “establish a learning environment for students” in conjunction with the Hiyoshi Media Center. The abbreviated title for this is the “Learning Commons Project.” Keio University has many students capable of working hard with one another, as well as autonomously studying and conducting research. The university also has many departments and centers engaged in distinctive research and education, as well as support activities. This project is part of an attempt to build a new environment of learning on the Hiyoshi Campus. This is where the foundations of learning are laid at the university. Thus, the project organically coordinates the wealth of educational and research resources formed typically by Keio University, and makes them easy for students to access and use.
Peer Mentoring System (Hiyoshi Media Center) (external site)

Peer Mentoring System (Hiyoshi Media Center) (external site)


Establishing the Learning Commons Project within the library will facilitate fresh intellectual exchanges between students, allow them to mutually learn from and teach one another, and further deepen their own learning. This will further serve as an ideal opportunity for “the Learning and Teaching at the Same Time (the concept of Hangaku Hankyo by Yukichi Fukuzawa.” Therefore, the aim is:
  • To construct a place of autonomous learning and a means of transferring knowledge to students.
  • Share the results of the “Academic Skills” course offered by the Research Center for Liberal Arts outside the class to a wider audience.
  • To regard the library as a place for new learning.
  • To create a learning support network throughout all of Keio.


Student volunteers who have completed the “Academic Skills” course offered by the Research Center for the Liberal Arts may staff the Hiyoshi Media Center’s reference desk as peer mentors (Peer-Men) and be involved in offering advice to peer students on their studies, primarily during the “Learning Consultation Hour.”
In addition, various proposals for improved learning are being offered, such as “public lectures on academic skills” and presentation exhibitions planned by peer mentors as learning advisors. These presentations include: “What can I do to write a report?”; “Are Keio student notebooks organized and pleasant?”; “Let’s talk about the future of ‘notebooks’ ? Looking at Keio students’ notebooks”; “What is wrong with my report? Correct report writing techniques and scheduling.”


Beginning in April 2008, discussions were held regarding the creation of a learning environment for students. A “Learning Consultation Hour” was formed during the fall term.
Since 2009, the “Learning Consultation Hour” has been held during the spring and fall term class periods. We are developing a variety of projects through this peer mentoring system.

Annual Report

Reports were issued summarizing the 2008 and 2009 activities.
Here are the reports: