Learning through Affective Experience and Active Participation


This is a course in which intellect and physical sensations are mutually refined and combined through a participatory and experiential class, incorporating both the language communication abilities critical for university classes and the non-verbal communication abilities needed for society’s leaders.
This subject primarily involves the use of works of physical and expressional arts. The methodology primarily involves participation in art and clinical psychology workshops. The aim is to attempt to cultivate language skills, as well as bolster areas of embodied knowledge which cannot be learned in one-way lecture-focused courses. The goal is to improve the quality of university education with students’ active participation in holistic learning.
This class does not merely involve “listening to lectures,” but making new discoveries and encountering new forms of stimulation and sensation by actively participating in and experiencing classes.

Main subject: Creative Communication and Language Skills

Yokoyama Chiaki(Faculty of Law)

Past held List


From Empathy to Creation


The Beatles: Poetry, Music, and Body and Mind


The Beatles: Poetry, Music, and Body and Mind


The Beatles: Poetry, Music, and Body and Mind


Reading Modern Poetry


Reading Lady Chatterley's Lover